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We offer every customer a site visit and personal advice on the best way of cleaning and continued protection of the cleaned surface.

Any paving attracts general dirt, algaes, mosses, lichens and even weeds over time, the severity and speed at which this appears and defaces the paving depends largely on environmental  factors,

like whether the paving is predominately in a shady or sunny location, surrounded by plants , hedging or woodland trees etc. 

Using our specialist cleaning equipment, expert techniques and only water we are able to clean asphalt, tarmac, brick & block paved surfaces, concrete, natural stone, slabs, setts, paths, patios and driveways.

Pressure cleaning is very effective way of removing such contamination, its fast and with our all water no chemical system it means you can rest assured your pets, garden plants,and lawns are safe.

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What Our Customers Say
Superb driveway The company made a superb job of our long driveway and rear garden.

The lads were brilliant in all ways, very approachable and easy to talk to, and you could see, worked as a complete team.
Whilst you expect the basics eg level s etc to be correct the attention to detail shifts the project up to another level.
We are still seeing and finding this often unnoticed work they carried out that actually makes all the difference. Really it was sculpting of the landscape to make it not only practical but look correct.
David knew his stuff and his help and guidance was second to none, we are very happy to act as a reference to anybody that requires to see the work that Star carried out.